Sadiq Valliani – Wards 11 & 13



Sadiq Valliani, a native Calgarian and product of the public education system, studied business at Mount Royal University focusing on accounting, international business, and economics. His educational experience also includes international programs in Europe, Russia, and Asia.

An accomplished community leader experienced in business and board governance, Sadiq is the former Director of Operations for a Calgary-based property management company. He has worked at a big-four accounting firm, the House of Commons, and serves on several community boards.

As President of the MRU Students’ Association – an $8 million dollar organization that represents over 11,000 students, he successfully co-led efforts to implement a national education platform, reduce post-secondary education costs across Alberta, and create organizational strategic plans. 

Sadiq has co-delivered Rotary International’s Youth Leadership Awards and training program (RYLA) in Southern Alberta and training for Western Canada’s largest Army Cadet Unit.
Sadiq enjoys spending time with his parents and older sister who also live in Calgary.

Can Sadiq count on your support?


  • Our family has seen the results of the lack of transparency and accountability at CBE.  My children's elementary school introduced discovery math when my older child was new at the school.  The results were devastating.  Within a short period of time, the provincial achievement test (PAT)  scores plummeted.  Parents began tutoring in droves, and many children left the school.  Sadiq's platform of  increased transparency, financial planning, and the reintroduction of academic performance indicators are critical to the future success of our students.

    As a mother of two, I know that every parent wants their children to attend the best schools and to have the greatest educational opportunities available to them. It breaks my heart that our current leadership is not effectively serving communities, families, and most importantly, our children. I know that Sadiq’s experience in governance and business will serve the Calgary Board of Education well.

    Minister Eggen's 'opeartional review' of the CBE confirms what parents have been saying for some time - the current leadership is failing our children.  It's time to make a change.

     Dr. Kelly Guggisberg

  • Fix Math:

    Math is broken. More kids are failing math and CBE is not fixing the problem. We will fix it.

  • Fund Classrooms, not Admin:

    We will move millions back into the classroom. CBE staffing MUST be focused on support in the classroom.

  • Fix Report Cards:

    Report cards allow parents to support their child's learning. For many parents this is the best way to see their child's progress and meaningful report cards must be reinstated.

  • Ensure Student Wellness:

    Ensuring students feel safe at school is a priority to us all. We propose establishing an independent ombudsman to handle any unresolved student or parent concerns about bullying.

  • Keep Big Money out of Elections:

    Special interests have no role in education. We will not accept corporate or union donations.